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Jan. 9th, 2017 11:59 pm
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Hi, I'm Sui, but feel free to call me Coliidae or some version of it. I use the url Coliidae for fanfiction purposes, and I also use [personal profile] azuremyst_dawn primarily for RP related content.

For those interested, I'm open for a casual conversation, because talking about common interests or something you think is interesting is rad? But I'm a little less eager to be friends. If it happens, it happens. Unfortunately, the last time I opened myself up to strangers online it wound up with me and them (to a tiny extent) getting hurt. Call it cowardly, call it pathetic, but I'd prefer keeping my distance than risk getting hurt again. I don't trust you, but then again I don't trust anyone I first meet.

Most of you that are here are for my RP muses or just vaguely curious about my fanfiction. Warning that I tend to gravitate towards sad, angsty shit, so if that isn't your cup of tea, feel free to move along.

I appreciate all comments - constructive or 100% bliss - though you should be warned that I do not always respond back. That doesn't mean I don't appreciate them. And hey, if you have a flame ready to hurl at my fanfic, go ahead; I like a large review count.

Thanks again, and if you do have any questions (that is, if I haven't scared you off yet), feel free to leave a comment. As hard-ass as I sound here, I don't bite unless you give me a reason to.

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