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These are the pairings I chose for my first run on Hard mode in "Fire Emblem Awakening". I used male!Robin, and, much like the Fates Pairing Meme, there are a lot of ships that I have that couldn't be put here because they're "same-sex". So once again, I present another straight pairing meme.

For those who can't see clearly:

  • Robin x Lucina
  • Chrom x Olivia
  • Virion x Sully
  • Frederick x Sumia
  • Henry x Panne
  • Ricken x Lissa
  • Vaike x Miriel
  • Kellam x Cherche
  • Stahl x Maribelle
  • Lon'qu x Cordelia
  • Gaius x Sumia
  • Donnel x Nowi
:: :: ::

The second meme is the pairings I chose for my run with female!Robin. I kinda prefer the pairings I chose in my male!Robin run because most of the pairings in my second run was influenced by multiple fanfiction. I wanted to test them out and see how the supports were, because why are they so popular among the fandom? except I never put Lissa with Lon'qu. I just... it's like Chrom x Sumia to me. I hate it.

Well. I didn't like them. Most of them, but I did it anyway. So here you go.

For those who can't see clearly:

  • Chrom x Robin
  • Vaike x Sully
  • Gaius x Sumia
  • Donnel x Panne
  • Stahl x Lissa
  • Gregor x Miriel
  • Virion x Olivia
  • Henry x Cherche
  • Lon'qu x Maribelle
  • Frederick x Cordelia
  • Libra x Tharja
  • Ricken x Nowi
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